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What Is a Refractometer?

A refractometer is a device which measures the content (brix or sugar, honey, urine, salt, battery fluid…) of a solution by the refraction of light.  Using an optical refractometer is simply a matter of placing several drops of the sample […]

Have Your Readings Come To You

Traditionally, testing and monitoring water quality is a lot of work. Collecting and analyzing samples is time and labor intensive making it challenging (and often expensive) to get data for large areas. Satellite images have been used to estimate some […]

See Us In San Diego

Join us in San Diego September 7-9 at the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Annual Convention and Exposition booth 418 and see Raphael™ for yourself.  Raphael™ is an autonomous, stand-alone system. Together with our cloud based subscription software you have […]


You may think of formaldehyde as a chemical only found in chemistry and biology lab settings. The truth is it’s everywhere, especially in homes where building products may have formaldehyde in levels exceeding safety standards. Name-brand laminate flooring products, for […]