Have Your Readings Come To You

Traditionally, testing and monitoring water quality is a lot of work. Collecting and analyzing samples is time and labor intensive making it challenging (and often expensive) to get data for large areas. Satellite images have been used to estimate some water quality parameters (e.g. turbidity or cloudiness, chlorophyll–levels which indicate algae, etc.), making it more practical to analyze larger areas. However, the lower spatial resolution of these images often limits their applicability for monitoring smaller water bodies (like streams) where conservation efforts are actually concentrated.

Why not have these water quality readings come to you. Rather than sending technicians to periodically test water quality, Raphael™ by Sper Scientific streams the data to you in real-time. Raphael™ transmits the data to our secure cloud server via global GSM cellular. You are then able to access it, in real time, from any computer with an internet connection. Our sophisticated cloud-based software allows you to easily view, and analyze, data and graphs from multiple sensors and locations simultaneously.  You see data, changes and problems as they happen, rather than after the fact. All data is highly encrypted so that only you will be able to access it. If required, the system will also send you SMS or E-mail alerts when a threshold is crossed.

Raphael™ is an autonomous, stand-alone system. Together with our cloud-based subscription software you have a complete, ready to go, solution for remote water quality monitoring. The system is easily scalable up to an entire smart water network and comes with a built-in interface for SCADA systems.

Housed in a rugged waterproof case Raphael™ will stand up to many years in the field even in harsh conditions. Special military grade batteries and unique power usage algorithms enable the unit to work autonomously for years of typical use. Optional connections for AC power are also available.

Raphael™ is available in standard configurations, but can be customized to work with any sensors you require. Simply place Raphael™ sensors in water pipes, groundwater, canals, rainfall runoff, or wherever water quality monitoring is needed and let the data come to you.


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