For 35 years, Sper Scientific has been committed to providing reliable environmental measurement instruments that help maintain regulatory compliance and provide safer work environments. Sper Scientific products are sold through a network of over 100 distributors. These include all of the important laboratory and industrial hygiene distributors in North America, as well as others located throughout the world.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with every product purchased from Sper Scientific.

All Sper Scientific products are tested for accuracy to ensure that they are within their stated specifications (always full scale unless otherwise noted). In addition we do reliability testing to assure that the product will continue to function correctly and accurately over time. On appropriate products we offer certificates of traceability to the United States N.I.S.T. based on tests performed on our state-of-the-art calibration equipment.

Our pricing is always competitive. In addition please note that Sper Scientific products are generally delivered complete with probes, batteries, calibration tools and instructions necessary for immediate, out of the box use. Competitors may charge extra for some of these accessories. At Sper Scientific we believe that a complete product simplifies your buying decision and the use of our products. Resellers should contact Sper Scientific for information about reseller quantity discounts.

Sper Scientific’s extensive Q.C. programs means that you will rarely receive defective product from us: our total rate of return does not exceed 1% on any product. Products come with a 1 or 5 year warranty. The customer may send the product directly to Sper Scientific for service.

You will usually find all products in stock at Sper Scientific with the exception of certain special order items. Most products ship within 3 business days with expedited delivery available.

All Sper Scientific’s meters are portable, self-contained and battery operated making them appropriate for testing in both the lab and field. They are simple to use and require no additional training. On top of this Sper Scientific products are ergonomically and attractively designed; good product design does not cost more than poor design.