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Transform your device and instantly stream secure data from virtually anywhere. Gabrielâ„¢ the first device of its type that converts your existing meter into a connected device. Gabriel™ along with SperConnect™*, powered by advanced cyber secure technology, is an integrated, preconfigured solution that is easy-to-use and designed for installation and setup without involving your IT team.

Gabriel™ and SperConnect™* will improve your team's collaboration, no matter where you are. Your secure data is easy to access, view and share from anywhere. Wireless measurement transfer reduces error and eliminates mundane data collection so your team can focus on the real work. Data is stamped with time, date and location, improving the accuracy of data collection. Baseline, historical and current data is all in one place.

Our free Android® and iPhone® apps combined with our next-generation monitoring platform enable you to log and graph all your data, as well as, attach a photo of the location along with GPS coordinates. Set multiple audible and visible, Hi-Lo alarms, and create SMS and email notification groups with ease.

The simple, valuable, and reliable way to connect your meter to your data.

These are the products that can be Connected:
Programmable Refractometer
Advanced Datalogging Sound Meter
Detachable Probe Sound Meter
RH/Temperature SD Card Logger
Ultimate Thermometer
Heat Stress
WBGT SD Card Logger Certified
WBGT Heat Stress Meter
Visible Light SD Card Logger
Light Meter Lux/FC
Advanced Light Meter
Environmental Quality
Environ Quality SD Card Logger
Environmental Quality Meter with Sound
Indoor Air Quality Meter
Force Gauge
Torque Meter
Vibration Meter
Vacuum Meter
Advanced Datalogging Thermometer
4 Channel Datalogging Therm.
4 Channel Thermometer Type K
Adv. Thermocouple Therm. Type K/J
Hot wire Anemometer SD card Da
Anemometer / Thermometer
Psychrometer / Anemometer
Datalogging Manometer 5 PSI
Datalogging Manometer 2 PSI
Datalogging Manometer 15 PSI
Manometer 5 PSI
Manometer 15 PSI
Manometer 230 PSI
Manometer 100 PSI
Manometer 2 PSI
Water Quality
pH SD Card Logger
pH SD Card Logger Kit
Cond/TDS/Salinity SD Card Logg
Datalogging Conduct. TDS Meter
Water Quality Meter & Kit
Advanced pH Meter
Pure Water Meter
Benchtop pH / MV Meter
Benchtop Conductivity / TDS / Salinity Meter
Benchtop Water Quality Meter

*SperConnect™* costs $15 /month with annual commitment